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Welcome to the OGC Definitions Server

The OGC Definitions Server publishes a range of resources managed by the OGC, and identified by unique stable web addresses (IRIs or URIs). These are determined through a set of policies managed by the OGC Naming Authority and managed through normal operational processes.

The knowledge graph behind the definitions server is flexible and extensible, and the OGC will continue to register new terms and improve the cross-linkages between terms.

Definitions are made available in an interoperable form using the SKOS vocabulary (or "taxonomy") model in both human- and machine-readable forms.

Some definitions have richer information models with alternative profiles of the content available.

Vocabularies are managed in sets called "ConceptSchemes", and definitions can usually be accessed individually as "Concepts" or via the containing set.

The "alternate profiles" will provide a complete list of the available resources per definition.

See the Definitions Server About Page for more information about the OGC Definitions Server.

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